Boundary Adjustment Board

The City Administrative Officer is the Chair of the Boundary Adjustment Board. Each proposed adjustment to the City boundary shall be submitted to the Chair for a report and recommendation to Council. Upon submittal of a proposed adjustment, the Chair shall convene a meeting of the Board to assist in preparation of the report and recommendation. In addition to the Chair, the members of the Board shall include the Chief Legislative Analyst and the Director of Planning. The President of the Council shall also appoint as a member any Councilmember whose district would be affected by the proposed adjustment. No designees shall serve in the stead of these members.

Proposed Boundary Adjustments

Rue Le Charlene

Agenda for the Boundary Adjustment Board on October 29, 2021
Fiscal and Operational Impact Report

West 5400 Block of 116th St.

City Fiscal and Operational Impact Report"
Boundary Adjustment Board 08/28/18 Audio
Final Boundary Adjustment Board Agenda 08-28-18

Jordan Downs Project

Agenda for the Boundary Adjustment Board on February 11, 2013
Agenda for the Boundary Adjustment Board on April 19, 2012
Jordan Downs Draft Plan for Municipal Services 9-1-2011 (68 MB PDF)
Jordan Downs Project Fiscal Impact Analysis 9-29-2011

Hidden Creeks Estates

Agenda for the Boundary Adjustment Board on March 28, 2012
Fiscal and Economic Impact Report
Plan for Municipal Services



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